Shop Local, Fund Local: Join Supporta in our quest to support local business while raising funds for our Community!

Community members have common goals, similar values, and shared interests.

Well-functioning non-profits are essential to our way of life, and a flourishing local business environment can present a world of opportunities. Supporta promotes both simultaneously. See the list of registered Beneficiaries on Supporta.

Register free of charge as a Supporter for your Beneficiary: a favourite school, university, or any other non-profit organisation.

Then, search on Supporta for participating businesses, including stores, suppliers, professionals, and service providers.

Pay for the deal via the secure Supporta PayFast platform. Every transaction includes a rebate, of which sixty percent goes to your Beneficiary(s).

Register your business as a Sponsor for your favourite Beneficiary with a small monthly contribution.

Use the Key Word Search function below to find participating Sponsors and businesses in your area.

Register your Non-Profit organisation free of charge and build a Supporta network in your community.

Why should you use Supporta?

Supporta is for your Family

Supporta helps create a thriving community where your loved ones can grow, learn, and prosper in a safe and secure environment. A community where your family can access the resources, opportunities, and services that make life fulfilling.

Build a legacy of support where your family's future intertwines with the growth and success of your neighbourhood. Supporta is the bridge that connects your family to a brighter, more vibrant community.

Supporta is for your Business

Supporta aims to be the catalyst that drives your company's growth and prosperity. By registering as a Sponsor on Supporta, you are supporting local non-profits while strengthening the bond between your business and the community you serve.

Benefit from the loyalty of customers who appreciate your commitment to the neighbourhood, fostering repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. Supporta helps you thrive by connecting you with a community that values your commitment, turning local support into sustainable success.

If you're a business owner and would like to help your community with an added incentive for your community to reciprocate, then register as a Sponsor for your favourite non-profit. We will share your Sponsor fee with your Beneficiary and, in return, promote your business to Supporters!

Supporta is for your Community

When you participate in Supporta, you're investing in the well-being of your neighbourhood. Help create a strong, connected, vibrant community where residents support local businesses and non-profits, ensuring everyone has access to essential resources and opportunities.

Supporta fosters a sense of togetherness, where community members can rely on one another. It's a commitment to building a community where everyone has a stake in its success.

Please register as a Supporter now, free of charge, and generate Rewards for your Beneficiary(s) each time you transact with registered businesses by paying them via their secure Supporta PayFast platform.

How do the "Rewards" on transactions work?

Register as a Supporter for your Beneficiary on the Supporta website or App.

Then, when you need a service provider or supplier, find participating Business Sponsors using the Keyword Search and your preferred location.

When you pay for the goods or services, do so via their secure PayFast link.

Each transaction includes a 5% Reward to Supporta, which we share with your nominated Beneficiary(s).