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What is Helderberg Supporta?

Business owners in the Helderberg constantly seek new strategies to expand their customer base.

Schools, Neighbourhood Watches, Charities, and local other non-profits require funding to function effectively.

Helderberg Supporta provides a pioneering solution to both challenges through an innovative community-driven business referral platform.

Helderberg Supporta's Mission

  1. To generate leads for participating businesses.
  2. To raise funds for schools, neighbourhood watches, charities, and other non-profits in the Helderberg area.

Helderberg Supporta's Vision is straightforward

Customers are drawn to businesses that give back to the community by supporting the same causes they do. Loyalty to a common cause is a powerful motivator.

How does Helderberg Supporta work?

Business owners

Register on the platform and decide on a listing option and a non-profit you want to support. A portion of your monthly Sponsorship fee is paid to your non-profit as a referral fee.

When Supporters of a specific non-profit search on Supporta, businesses that support the same non-profit will appear in the top section of the list.

However, businesses that support other non-profits will also feature just below the section above, ensuring adequate exposure.

We strongly suggest you also register your business on the PayFast platform where possible, as payments via the platform automatically allow for a 5% rebate on every transaction. The rebates are then shared between the Supporter’s Beneficiaries (with a small admin fee going to Supporta).

The rebates further supplement the funds raised for non-profits and provide an additional incentive for Supporters to buy from ALL participating businesses, whether they support the same Beneficiary or not.

Contact us for more information or register your business now.


Register free of charge and nominate up to three non-profits (your Beneficiaries) you want to support.

When you need a service provider or supplier, you will find business Sponsors on the Supporta platform.

When you pay for the goods or services, simply log into Supporta and scan the business' QR code to make payment. Alternatively, pay their invoice via the business' secure PayFast link.

What else can Supporters do on the platform to raise funds for their Beneficiaries?

  1. Shop online via featured affiliate partners. These transactions also allow for a rebate, shared with your Beneficiaries.
  2. Set up a monthly contribution to your Beneficiaries.
  3. Make once-off contributions to your Beneficiaries.

Register now as a Supporter for your favourite non-profit.

Non-profit organisations

Register as a Beneficiary on Supporta free of charge. Then, encourage your members and other supporters to register as your Supporters on Helderberg Supporta.

Non-profits can play an active role in Supporta by encouraging their members and followers to sign up as Supporters and by encouraging business owners to register as Sponsors for their organisation.

The benefits are multiple and ongoing. The Supporta system functions as an income-generating platform for non-profits by ensuring a steady monthly flow of revenue from business listings and transaction rebates.

The Supporta difference

Supporta actively encourages businesses to give back to the Helderberg community and for community members to support participating local businesses. Our business model uniquely allows for participation by all types of SMEs and registered non-profit organisations. Supporta relies on Word-of-Mouth marketing and Loyalty to a common cause to encourage consumer support.

Furthermore, Supporters of ANY non-profit can register and support their cause. Supporta will ensure that raised funds are distributed to the NPO whether they are actively participating in Supporta or not.