As a community,
we have the Power!

Support local business. Save money for your family. Or even help raise funds for charities, learning institutions, and other worthy causes in your area.

How? Register now, free of charge!

Either as a Supporter, then support participating stores, suppliers, professionals, and service providers in your area.

Or register your business cost-free, and agree to a discount on transactions with Supporters that Supporta will collect and distribute.

Supporters can have all their savings refunded each month as a cashback benefit. Or share it with their favourite school or charity. Maybe even donate the lot?

The choice is all yours.

By searching below, you will find participating businesses in your area.
Simply provide the owner or manager with your unique Supporter Username, and ask them to submit the transaction on your behalf.

Depending on your selected option, Supporta will save you money by refunding your share as a monthly Cashback benefit, straight into your bank account.

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Why should you use Supporta

Supporta for you

Do you want to save money while supporting local business?
And as a business owner or professional practitioner, do you want to support your community while providing an incentive for your community to support you?

Register now as a Supporter , free-of-charge, and share in the discounts Supporta has negotiated with local stores, suppliers, professionals, and service providers.

Or register as a business owner at zero cost, and attract new customers by allowing for a discount in your transactions with Supporters.

Supporta for your school or favourite charity

OK, so you're the generous type? Saving money is not enough; you also want to support a local school or charity? Then Register as a Supporter, free-of-charge, and share your savings with your nominated school or charity (Beneficiary). Or even donate the whole amount if you prefer!

If you're a business owner, and you want additional exposure by registering as a Sponsor for your favourite school or charity, then select the Sponsor option when you register. Supporta will share your advertising fee with your Beneficiary. In return, your Beneficiary will provide additional exposure by promoting your business to their Supporters!

Discounts:  Please note that the ‘discounts’ referred to on Supporta is a separate discount on transactions negotiated between Supporta and each business owner. As such, these ‘discounts’ will not be accounted for directly in the sale but collected separately by Supporta and distributed according to each Supporter's preferences.