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Simply register with Supporta free-of-charge; and support participating Sponsors (Stores, Traders, Service Providers and other businesses) in your community! We will encourage Sponsors to allow for discounts on transactions, and collect such discounts as well as advertising rebates from the Sponsors. These funds will be applied to help subsidise your child’s study fees, as well as support your school, university, neighbourhood watch, or any other community support group of your choice!

Why should you use Supporta

Supporta for schools, colleges and universities

Do you want to save money on your child’s education, or even the education of a family member or friend, while at the same time helping to raise funds for their educational facility? By selecting your educational facility (under Beneficiaries) and registering yourself as a Supporter, and then linking your Username to the student’s ID you can do so easily and 100% free of charge. Simply support your Sponsors (participating stores and service providers linked to your facility) and earn discounts that are credited to the student’s fees as well as the student’s educational facility in a 70/20 ratio, as Supporta only charges a 10% administration fee. Alternatively, if you would simply like to support a specific educational facility you can register yourself without having to link to a participating student, thereby donating 90% of all discounts earned to the facility.

Supporta for neighbourhood watches and other community groups

To support groups like neighbourhood watches, clubs, and the like the process is extremely easy. Register by selecting your preferred group (under Beneficiaries) and link yourself to that Beneficiary, and all discounts generated will be donated to the selected Beneficiary. You can also elect to support any number of Beneficiaries - just start with one and you’ll have the opportunity to link to more once you’ve registered. Please note that Supporta only charges a 10% administration fee, which means 90% of all discounts collected will be distributed to the Beneficiaries. Start now by making your selection from the list of participating Beneficiaries above; or click here to request that your group or educational facility be contacted to participate!

Discounts:  Please note that the ‘discounts’ referred to on Supporta are not accounted for directly in the transaction between the Supporter and the Sponsor, but will be distributed between the Supporter’s Beneficiary and supported students/members, according to the preferred setting on the Supporter's profile.