Laerskool Bergsig

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Contact details

012 379 1455

336 Irvine Ave
Mountain View

Laerskool Bergsig


By Laerskool Bergsig streef ons om alles tot die beste van ons vermoe te doen en mekaar te help. Ons staan nie verniet bekend as die klein skool met die groot hart nie!

At Laerskool Bergsig we strive to do our best, give our everything and help each other. No wonder we are known as the small school with the big heart!

What does the Laerskool Bergsig portal offer you?
Our primary function is to help raise funds for Laerskool Bergsig to offer even better facilities and opportunities to their students.

How can you participate?
Please use any keyword in the 'Services & Suppliers' SEARCH function on this page to find participating Sponsors and Business Partners in your area linked to Supporta. When you conclude a transaction, please provide the business manager with your Supporta Username, and ask them to submit the deal.

Depending on your set preferences, a cash reward on the transaction will be paid to Laerskool Bergsig or refunded straight into your bank account at the end of the month.

If there are any problems or delays, don't hesitate to contact Supporta on 0861 24 INFO (4636).

Thank you for supporting Laerskool Bergsig!

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