CapeXit is an Independence/Non-Political Movement for all people of the Western Cape, regardless of race, religion or political views.

Undoubtably, the advantages of independence outweigh the current situation in South Africa. It is legal, feasible, fair, practical, and necessary.

What does the CapeXit portal offer you?
Our primary function is to help raise funds for CapeXit to improve their service offering to their members and supporters.

How can you participate?
Please use any keyword in the 'Services & Suppliers' SEARCH function on this page to find participating Sponsors in your area linked to Supporta. When you conclude a transaction, please log in to Supporta and scan the business’ QR code to make payment.

A reward on the transaction will be paid to CapeXit to help them raise funds.

If there are any problems or delays, don't hesitate to contact Supporta on 0861 24 INFO (4636).

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