Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch (SWNW)

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Somerset West
Western Cape


Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch (SWNW)


We are a multicultural, interdenominational Non-Profit Company (2017/082849/08 PBO – 930058598), and we appeal to you to join our force of “Neighbourhood Watch Superheroes”! Whilst you sleep, work or play, we – your neighbours – look out for you!!

Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch does NOT charge for membership, and there is NO requirement for you to contribute any of your time to patrol our streets. Nothing is expected of you other than to report things that you may find suspicious. In return, once you have joined, you will receive information about crime and other incidents in your area, which you can use to help prevent yourself from becoming the next victim of crime. NW members who take sensible precautions with their house and property are less likely to become the next victim or statistic.

However, everyone has a contribution to make towards the safety and security of their area, regardless of whether they are members of NW or not. If someone leaves a property ‘on show’ or their car or mountain bike unlocked, then this simply attracts a thief who will take what is available and may also target their neighbours.

Vigilance, being neighbourly, and taking sensible precautions over your property are things we must all take responsibility for. No matter how seemingly small or insignificant it may appear, we can all ‘do our bit’ to help keep the community safe. By being alert to the possibility of criminal activity and not burying your head in the sand can make all the difference in preventing a crime and avoiding someone else from becoming a victim.

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Our primary function is to help raise funds for Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch to improve their service offering to their members and supporters.

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A reward on the transaction will be paid to Somerset West Neighbourhood Watch to help them raise funds.

If there are any problems or delays, don't hesitate to contact Supporta on 0861 24 INFO (4636).

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