Terms and Conditions

Please read the conditions below before making use of the Supporta service, Website, or App, presented by Supporta South Africa (Pty) Ltd (Supporta SA). Any participation in Supporta whatsoever signifies the user’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions:

Definitions: The following terms are of importance and will apply throughout:

“Supporta SA”: Supporta South Africa (Pty) Ltd, registration number 2012/137095/07.

“Supporta”: Has different meanings depending on context. “A Supporta” or “the Supporta” could mean the supporter, which is a person or member of an organisation (including but not limited to parents of students, extended family and friends, and members of groups) that chooses to participate in the Supporta project, by registering and contributing in any way whatsoever to a Beneficiary. When referring to an entity or website, Supporta means the Supporta project, Supporta website or Supporta SA.

“Businesses” or “Traders” or “Business Partners”: Includes all businesses listed on the Supporta Website, and Supportas will earn Rewards from all listed Businesses, Traders and Sponsors, even those linked to Beneficiaries other than their own.

“Sponsors” or “Premium Sponsors”: Includes all paying Businesses listed on Supporta and linked to a Supporta Beneficiary.

“Beneficiary”: Any entity participating as a Beneficiary in the Supporta project, that may include educational institutions such as pre-schools, schools and universities, as well as hostels, sports clubs, stokvels, charity groups, community watch groups, and various other non-profit organisations (NPOs). Supportas may support and nominate any number of Beneficiaries on their profile. SUPPORT rewards earned by the Supporta will be paid to the nominated Beneficiaries.

“Supporta Website”: https://supporta.net

"Rewards": Are the portion of the Referral Fee on transactions that are compulsory for every Business listed on the Supporta Website, and for every transaction with a Supporta. The way Rewards are determined are explained elsewhere on the Website, however most importantly they are NOT offered directly to The Supporta, but collected by Supporta SA and distributed as REWARDS (back to the Supporta who made the transaction), or as SUPPORT payments to their nominated beneficiary, depending on the Supporta's specific instructions for each transaction.

Good faith: All representation of information is done in absolute good faith, with the tacit or explicit approval of Businesses and Sponsors. The intention is solely to provide information for the benefit of Supportas and their Beneficiaries. If the content, including text and images, displayed on this site or part thereof should be offensive or damaging, or infringe on any rights including any copyright or trademark, Supporta SA will (at our discretion) on receipt of details of such infringements immediately remove the same.

Usage of Site: The use of information provided at this site is done at your own risk and Supporta SA and its agents, Beneficiaries, Sponsors, or other third parties named at this site accept no liability for any damages arising out of the use, inability to use, or the results of use of this site. You may view and download the materials on the Supporta Website solely for your own use, provided that you respect all copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the original materials. You may not modify the materials in any way or reproduce or publicly display; or distribute or otherwise use them for any public or commercial purpose without Supporta SA’s prior written consent. The materials on the Supporta Website are copyrighted and any unauthorised use of any materials from the Supporta Website may breach copyright, trademark, and other laws.

Links to Other Websites: Links to other Websites may be provided as a convenience to you. If you click these links, you will exit the Supporta Website. Supporta SA does not control, nor is responsible for these Websites or their content. If you follow any of these links, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Disclaimer: While every reasonable effort is made to verify the information displayed on the Supporta Website, we do not in any way guarantee the accuracy thereof. Advertising Sponsors and other businesses are in complete control of their own banners and adverts, and Supporta SA in no way whatsoever issues warranty regarding the quality of their workmanship or materials used. We will, however; follow up on all complaints of poor service and reserve the right to remove Sponsors or businesses with unresolved complaints, completely at the discretion of Supporta SA.

Limitation of Liability: The use of information provided at the Supporta Website is done at your own risk and Supporta SA and its agents, Beneficiaries, Businesses, Sponsors, Stores and Service Providers, or other third parties named at the Supporta Website accept no liability for any damages arising out of the use, inability to use, or the results of use of the Supporta Website.

SMS and other notifications: To make the SAVE/SUPPORT feature function effectively, we must notify the Supporta when a transaction is captured successfully. We also need to communicate with Supportas, Beneficiaries, and Business owners in other ways, from time to time.

However, in terms of the POPI Act, your details are confidential, and we will never allow third parties access to the information. We will also not send you material unrelated to Supporta without your consent. If you do not want to receive any notifications from Supporta, please login to Supporta and update your preferences or reply ‘Unsubscribe’ when you receive the first one, or send us an ‘Unsubscribe’ email to info@supporta.net.

Subscribing as a Supporta (Supporter):

Supporta (Supporter) registrations are free of charge, but limit Supportas to the SUPPORT part of the system, for Rewards earned from businesses. Supporta subscriptions carry a minimum cost of R100 per month; however, the subscription will allow Supportas to choose to either SAVE or SUPPORT the Rewards from their transactions. All subscriptions will be shared 60:40 between the Supporta’s nominated Beneficiaries and Supporta SA.

Listing your business as a Sponsor and advertising on Supporta:

Advertising a Business on Supporta is currently free-of-charge, subject to the above Referral Fee conditions.

Advertising as a Sponsor costs R370 + VAT per month (also called the Sponsorship Listing Fee), of which R100 per month will be paid to the Sponsor’s nominated Beneficiary. Listing as a Sponsor will ensure a preferential listing position on the Supporta Website on the area list of available Businesses linked to the nominated Beneficiary.

The Premium Sponsor registration fees vary depending on the size of the Beneficiary’s support base and will be determined individually for each Beneficiary.

Debit order amounts will thus vary according to the Referral Fees agreed on during the previous month on transactions with Supportas (which may be viewed by logging into the Supporta Website), and these will be debited as a second amount at the same time as the listing fee each month. Sponsors who register with Supporta SA hereby acknowledge that they agree to this process; and will not stop any debit order deduction or cancel their subscription without giving Supporta SA at least one calendar month notice.

Should any debit order be returned by the Business or Sponsor’s bank for any reason, the Business or Sponsor hereby acknowledges that the full amount plus interest at 2% above the prime lending rate for banks will be due and payable within 7 days after being notified of the transaction failure. Due to the indebtedness of Supporta SA to the participating Beneficiaries and Supportas, no exception can or will be made in this regard, for any reason whatsoever.

Please note that the notice period for cancellations is one calendar month, in writing to info@supporta.net or info@assist247.co.za.

The Sponsor’s listings fee will be payable monthly in advance (before or on the 7th of the month) and Referral Fees monthly in arrears (before or on the 7th of the following month).

Sponsors typically include Stores where purchases are made by Supportas, Service Providers performing services to Supportas and Beneficiaries, and Professional Services, but may include any other business operation.

Supporta SA reserves the right to limit the number of business advertisers per category or per area at any time.

Please note that all advertising and debiting/invoicing will be administered by Assist247 on behalf of Supporta SA. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on https://www.assist247.co.za in this regard.

Referral Fees and Rewards:

Referral Fees from Businesses function as follows:

Participating Business owners or managers are obliged to charge The Supporta the total agreed price for services or goods and then submit each transaction by logging into the Supporta Website. Referral Fees on transactions are compulsory, and the amount or percentage must be specified when submitting the transaction. However, said Referral Fees are not be fixed and may vary according to the specific goods or services purchased.

Supporta SA will collect all Referral Fees at the end of each month and distribute the Reward portion of the Referral Fee according to each Supporta’s instructions after deducting a percentage for administration, collection, and distribution; currently set at 40% of the submitted Referral Fee.

Although Supporta SA suggests that Referral Fees should not be less than 5% of the total transaction amount, we must keep in mind that the Trader may have already discounted some items. Supporta reserves the right to query consistently low Referral Fees on transactions and publish the average rate allowed on past transactions on each Business’ listing page to benefit prospective customers.